Implement phase

Catalysed's approach is designed to align your needs as an educator with the affordance of digital technologies. The third phase of the approach, the implement phase, uses workshops, one-to-one sessions and blended approaches to help individual educators put into practice what they have designed and developed.

“61% of secondary teachers named training as their key ICT challenge over the next 12 months.”

British Educational Suppliers Association (2017)

The initial analysis phase of the Catalysed approach ensures that a school has the necessary foundations to support effective use of digital technologies, whilst simultaneously helping individual teachers to visualise their own digital capability.

The design and develop stages build on this to create specific changes to practice; teachers decide to focus on specific dimensions of teaching and learning that they wish to develop further, and choose specific Tech Trumps® that have the capacity to support those dimensions which they wish to work with.

The implement phase takes these designed changes, and helps educators put them into practice in the classroom. Four different strategies are employed:

  1. Working with specific classes and technologies: Research consistently shows that in order for CPD to be effective it needs to be long term and targeted. By working with specific classes and specific technologies experience can be developed, and the true value of the changes to practice can emerge.
  2. Using SMART targets: Perhaps more closely associated with business, SMART targets have proved their worth over many years and ensure that efforts are focused. Catalysed recommends using the SMART approach to ensure objectives are Specific, Measurable, Agreed, Realistic and Timed.
  3. In-class support: The intitial stages of using a new technology in the classroom can be intimidating. To alleviate this Catalysed offers in-class support for teachers trying technologies for the first time, in order to ensure the experience is positive for all concerned.
  4. Blended support: Once teachers are comfortable with using a digital technology, Catalysed offers ongoing support at a distance to answer questions and suggest more complex ways of working with a technology as a teacher becomes more confident.