The CATALYST programme

The CATALYST programme is a modular set of services for schools to help them make effective use of digital technologies for teaching and learning. According to the best available research this has the potential to create a four month improvement in learning gains external link icon.

Broadly following the ADDIE model external link icon, a proven, rigorous technique that aims to build "effective training and performance support", the programme can create sustainable change that matches both school and individual teacher needs. All five modules of the CATALYST programme are underpinned by extensive educational research, and can be used separately or in combinations, depending on a school's needs - which one is right for you?

The APT methodology

Catalysed's overall approach is driven by the APT methodology , where APT is shorthand for the Alignment of Pedagogy and Technology. This methodology was developed through extensive educational research in both secondary and higher education by the founder of Catalysed, Dr Richard Osborne.

Unlike traditional ICT training, the APT methodology uses principles from ecological psychology to help teachers reflect on their current pedagogic practice, and through specially designed AIM models design changes to those practices; this process reveals the affordance of digital technologies within the context of those designed changes, and hence aligns pedagogy and technology.

1. Analyse

Ensuring your school is ready to make the most of digital technologies.

The Analyse module is a diagnosis of where a particular school stands in terms of their current use of digital technologies to enhance teaching and learning.

2. Design

Changing teaching practices to integrate digital technologies.

The Design module involves changes existing practices in order to align the needs of teachers with the digital technologies that have the potential to support those needs.

3. Develop

Learning how to use specific digital technologies effectively.

The Develop module is for schools who would like to develop their teachers ability to use a specific digital technology effectively in the classroom.

4. Implement

Supporting teachers in the classroom with digital technologies.

The Implement module supports individual educators using digital technologies in the classroom both technologically and pedagogically,

5. Evaluate

Measuring the impact of a digital technologies initiative.

The Evaluate module can measure the impact of other CATALYST modules, or be used as a standalone to evaluate your own initiatives.

Timescales & pricing

The CATALYST programme can range from a few hours commitment from staff in developmental workshops, up to more than thirty days or more for a full set of modules, all dependent upon which modules of the programme a school feels are most appropriate for their needs.

Costs range from as little as £50 per hour for one-to-one support in the classroom to £3,000+ for more complex integrated projects. Full pricing is included on each of the module pages, above.

(please note that all pricing excludes expenses)