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A Develop module workshop
A Develop module workshop

The Develop module helps teachers develop enough skill with a chosen digital technology in order to put it into effective use in the classroom.

What are the benefits?

The Develop module works with groups of staff and/or students, helping them to develop enough skill with a chosen digital technology so that they are able to put it into effective practice in the classroom. This develops their digital literacy, making them more confident with not only their chosen technology but also with digital technologies more generally.

Who is it aimed at?

This module is aimed at schools who are already making some use of digital technologies, but would like to develop either their teachers or their students ability to use a specific digital technology effectively in the classroom. Whilst the module does aim to teach the basics of a specific digital technology, so in some ways is similar to straightforward ICT training, the emphasis is more on the pedagogy of the technology rather than simply learning how to use it.

“61% of secondary teachers named training as their key ICT challenge over the next 12 months.”

British Educational Suppliers Association (2017)

Schools can propose a specific digital technology from their own work, or choose one of the Tech Trumps® to focus on. These include many of the most popular and proven digital technologies for education, such as Kahoot!, Quizizz and Padlet, as well as apps more commonly associated with business, such as OneNote, Trello and Evernote.

How does it work?

For teachers

Small workshops are held focusing on how to use specific digital technologies in specific pedagogic contexts in order to meet teachers’ SMART objectives. Using research based models to help understand technology integration, including the popular SAMR external link icon and RAT external link icon models, we explore different levels of technology use, from simply replicating every day teaching process using digital tools, through to amplifying practices through the new affordances of digital technologies, and finally through to the transformation of practices using unique affordances that are impossible without the digital.

For students

For students the process is much the same as for teachers, focusing on SMART objectives relevant to their studies, though the emphasis on the theory behind use may be less prevalent depending upon the level of the students.


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