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Tech Trumps®

An example of a tech trump - PlickersThe Tech Trumps® are playing cards in the top trump style which summarise the affordance of digital technologies in the context of six dimensions of teaching and learning. Using the APT methodology, they align with AIM models that capture the needs and intentions of teachers.

This alignment means that teachers can use the Tech Trumps® to find the right technology for them, at the right time, based on what they are trying to achieve in the classroom. Critically, this alignment then has the potential to catalyse the learning process, and hence improve learning outcomes.

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What technologies are included?

All together well over 100 common digital technologies are included in the Tech Trumps® databases curated by Catalysed, some designed for education, and some designed for more general work. They include innovative applications like Plickers, as seen on the right, as well as more everyday applications such as Blogger and Evernote.

Each technology has been selected based on its quality, robustness and maturity. They are split into core applications and additional applications - the core apps can be explored for free through the Tech TrumpsĀ® browser. The cards all include a summary strap line, short descriptions, a link to an introductory video and ratings against six dimensions of teaching and learning.

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How are they rated?

Technologies are rated on a scale of 1-10 against the six dimensions of teaching and learning using a custom made rubric developed by Catalysed. Each rating is derived collaboratively to ensure a balanced perspective. This robust approach provides a strong framework, ensuring edcators can find the best digital technology to suit their needs. Within the 1-10 scale technologies cna be roughly split into three grades of affordance:

  • Technologies that score 1-3 have little or no affordance for the specific dimension
  • Technologies scoring 4-7 have medium affordance, with some overlap and limited support for the dimension in question
  • Technologies scoring 8-10 have strong affordance for the dimension, with significant potential to catalyse learning

The Tech Trumps® approach pioneered by Catalysed helps to mitigate a classic problem in Ed Tech; putting technologies in boxes or silos. Instead of considering a technology just good for one thing or another, the Tech Trumps® approach illustrates a digital technologies broader potential, and reflects the interpretive nature of technology itself.

Requirements for inclusion

Catalysed spends significant effort in ensuring that the database of technologies is up to date, and reflects the most appropriate and potentially powerful options available. In addition the digital technologies suggested must meet certain criteria in order to be included, notably:

  • They must include a significant free component
  • They must be available either on the web, or on both Android and iOS devices
  • They must be proven, mature technologies with established privacy policies in place

Do you have a favourite technology that we don't include? Please contact us to let us know, so we can review it.

Please note that the majority of the technologies suggest a minimum age of 13.